The Outback

The Hotel is located in an area characterized by maquis (die, arbutus, mastic, olivastrii), by towering oak trees and a wildlife exceptional (foxes, boars, hares, Poiane, falcons). In autumn the area is rich in precious mushrooms, as real and ova porcini, while in spring and summer abound wild fennel, asparagus and blackberries.


For all lovers of physical activities outdoors, Tana Li Mazzoni is the ideal place to go trekking, road cycling, excursions off the road (www.sardiniandiscovery.com), mountain bike, on foot or on horseback. The hotel is in fact in an area of ​​quiet roads, dirt roads and paths where it is easy inbattersi in ancient nuraghi and wildlife enjoying the picturesque coastal landscape.

The Beach Tinnari

About 3 km from the hotel is this famous beach, true gem of nature, place unspoiled wilderness. It can only be reached on foot, via mare, off-road (www.sardiniandiscovery.com), or mountain bike.

Isola Rossa and Marinedda

Cliffs of smooth red rocks and vast stretches of white sand, with a sea of ​​breathtaking colors. The island beaches Rossae Marinedda, They are just a few minutes from the Hotel. ideal places for families with small children.

Monti Ruiu

Opposite the complex of La Tana Di Li Mazzoni is the imposing and impressive Monte Ruiu, with its rich vegetation of mastic trees and olive trees. On foot, by mountain bike or on horseback, you can hike a few hours to enjoy the coastal landscape.

the Corsica

Corsica can be reached easily from the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura, just 40 minutes by shuttle bus or car from the hotel. On reservation, They organize excursions in the picturesque town of Bonifacio, built around a natural cove with towering walls
white limestone.